A pack of 20 (10 pairs) Shoe Rounds for R50.00

(size 35mm in diameter)

These shoe rounds come in pairs and have a name and an icon so your child can easily identify his/her shoes either by the name, or for a younger child, by recognising the icon. The shoe rounds are self-adhesive and are covered with a clear protective coating to help slow down fading under those sweaty little feet. To make them last even longer place them in the shoe under the “arch of the foot”

Customise your Shoe Rounds

(only one name per pack)

1. Choose one name per pack

2. Choose one font per pack (from our list of fonts)

3. Choose up to 4 different  background colours per pack (from our 16 colours)

4. Choose up to 4 different icons per pack (from our list of icons)

The writing will be black or white depending on the background colour.