1. PACK A – pack of 60 Small Pencil/Stationery Stickers for R45.00

(Size 40mm X 5mm)


2. PACK B – pack of 60 Pencil/Stationery Stickers for R50.00

(Size 50mm X 8mm)


3. PACK C – pack of 60 Wrap around Pencil Stickers for R60.00

(Size 20mm X 30mm)


4. PACK D – pack of 60 Wrap around Pencil Stickers for R65.00 (for thicker items i.e. khokis)

(Size 20mm X 40mm)

See the diagram below for a comparison of sizes

Label all your stationery – pencils, pens, rulers and khokis quickly and easily – no scraping. Just Stick It!  Also use to label Cd’s, Games, Puzzles, DVD’s, sunglasses, cell phones etc.

Wrap around pencil stickers are ideal for any item that will need continual sharpening as they wrap around the tops of pencils. When using wrap around pencil stickers start sticking the top of the label (blank end) onto the pencil first then continue wrapping the label around the pencil. The name will then be visible on the stickers. See diagrams below for the comparison of the sizes of the stickers on pencils.


Customise your Pencil Stickers

(only one name per pack)

1. Choose from:

PACK A (40mm X 5mm)

PACK B (50mm X 8mm)

The WRAP AROUND Pencil stickers

PACK C (20mm x30mm)

PACK D (20mm x 40mm) for thicker items (i.e. khokis)

2. Choose one name per pack

3. Choose one font per pack (from our list of fonts)

4. Choose up to 4 different background colours per pack (from our 16 colours)

5. NO icons for these pencil stickers

The writing will be black or white depending on the background colour.